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Daleks - feared throughout the galaxy. A ruthless race of beings set on universal domination.

Daleks originate from the planet Skaro. They are mutations of a humanoid species who, according to some sources, were called Kaleds. They warred with the Thals, another humanoid race on the planet. The war resulted in a mutated species of Kaleds - the Daleks.
These beings live in outer casings which are basically fighting machines. Daleks have been described as 'emotionless' 'robotic' creatures. Both statements are incorrect. Daleks are quite emotional at times - particularly when exterminating their enemies. And they are living beings, not robots - though they do have an unswerving loyalty to the Dalek cause which may make them seem 'robotic'.
Whilst their favourite phrase appears to be 'Exterminate', they also tend to say 'I obey' quite a lot - particularly when ordered to exterminate. Of course, 'I obey' is a concept universal to the military mind everywhere - though different words might be used, the meaning is the same. Spectrum's 'S.I.G.', the W.A.S.P.s 'P.W.O.R.' and even International Rescue's 'F.A.B.' essentially all mean the same thing - I obey. "I don't think I'll do that sir, if it's all the same to you." isn't generally an option.
The Daleks' strength lies mainly in their selfless, fearless devotion to the Dalek civilisation as a whole. Each Dalek is expendable - for the greater good of the race. Daleks don't sleep, neither do they have any recreational requirements. They are the ultimate soldier.

Until relatively recently, there were no accurate models of Daleks - though there were many badly shaped toys which purported to be 'Daleks'. Dapol produced what we consider to be the first toy Dalek that really looked like a Dalek. These were produced in a range of many different colour schemes - along with their various enemies (they don't tend to make friends).
In the 1990s, Product Enterprise produced a range of Dalek toys, which included R/C Daleks. These Daleks were more accurate than the earlier Dapol toys. When the Doctor Who series was revived, Character Options started producing a range of the new style Daleks.
Sevans Models produced the first authentic model kit of a Dalek in the 1980s, in 1/5 scale. This kit is made of vac formed plastic and isn't an easy model to make - but it's very accurate and well worth the effort.
A later addition to the Daleks came from Comet Miniatures. They produced several injection molded plastic Dalek kits in a smaller, 1/8 scale. These are also very accurate and not to be missed. Both film and TV Daleks were made. Airfix released a Dalek kit depicting two, new series, Daleks.
Resin and metal kits of Daleks have also been produced by various companies. Reshape created a superb resin kit of the Emperor Dalek - see our review.

We created our 3D computer models using Cinema 4D.

Daleks in their city
Some more of our 3d Daleks - based on the ones seen in the first Doctor Who Dalek story

Sevans Dalek model

A Sevans Dalek Contemplates Universal Conquest

This is a 1/5 scale vac-formed model. We replaced the plastic gun rods with metal ones as suggested in the instruction sheet. Head, eye stalk, gun and arm are fully posable.

Vac-form plastic kits are rather tricky to assemble. The parts come as raised areas on plastic sheet. You have to cut the parts out with a sharp blade by scoring around the edges of each part. Additionally, because the plastic tends to be quite thin, many areas of the model require reinforcement. I must say though that this kit does build up into a very sturdy model.

Marx Dalek

Marx Toys Dalek

This is a Marx toy I bought in the 1970s. Click on the image to see a larger version.

I painted the skirt hemispheres black as they were not originally coloured.

This toy is battery powered and careers around bumping into things and changing course. Although it's not terribly accurate, it's quite a nice toy.


A 1/8 scale injection molded plastic kit. This is one of the TV Daleks. As with the Sevans model, this Dalek is fully posable.

The Comet Daleks are a heck of a lot easier to build and paint. As with the Sevans model, we replaced the plastic gun parts with brass rod.

This Dalek is from the early episodes, with no 'shoulder' plates. The plates were supplied for making the later versions. In fact, Comet provided quite a few parts for different Dalek types, including claw hands and different shaped 'ear' bulbs.

Film versions of the Daleks were also available in the same scale. These had larger bases and bigger 'ears', otherwise they were more or less the same.

Comet Miniatures Dalek
Comet Dalek on patrol
Daleks surround Tardis

Daleks Surround Tardis

Daleks surround the Doctor Who Tardis on an alien world.
Here we've rendered a black and white image using our 3d computer models. Many of the early Doctor Who episodes were filmed in monochrome.

Dalek emperor in control centre

The Emperor Dalek puts his troops in the picture. Daleks in the TV21 comic strips of the 1960s had an Emperor and they also had some rather nice flying saucers.

These are our own computer models of the Daleks and their spacecraft.

Full size Dalek Supreme

Robin and Full Size Dalek

Here's our latest Dalek model - a full sized Dalek Supreme. As you can see, this Dalek is a bit bigger than the Sevan's and Comet versions.
It's going to take up a lot of shelf space!

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